La Securite

This is our latest product, 

La Securite

What is La Securite?

La Securite is a simple system that solves locker breakage issues.
It consists of 4 main components 

The Servo

 The Servo is the locking mechanism that latches onto a metal strip to lock the locker

The Motion Detector

 The Motion Detector is activated when the locker is locked and detects changes in infrared within the locker. When a change is detected within the locker it sends a signal to the buzzer which sounds

The RFID scanner

The RFID scanner transmits and receives data to and from a chip using electromagnetic waves to lock and unlock the locker

The Buzzer

The Buzzer releases an alarm when signal is sent from the motion detector to it. The tunes that is released by the Buzzer can be customized such that when the alarm sounds, you know that it is your locker.


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